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You Can Have Good Oral Health with Braces

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Brushing and flossing, as well as drinking plenty of water and steering clear of acidic, sticky foods and beverages is important, whether one has braces or not. Yet, for those that do, maintaining good oral hygiene is paramount, as brackets and wires create places for plaque and bacteria to hide. Similarly, when plaque is trapped between teeth and along the gum line, gum tissues may appear red and swollen. As plaque and bacteria continue to rest on teeth and gums, individuals are at risk for developing cavities and even permanent stains on their teeth. Fortunately, orthodontists help guide patients in obtaining good oral health with braces, and education is key.

Perhaps you’ve been told to brush after every meal if you have braces. As a preventative step, this is important to wash away plaque and bacteria before it hardens into tartar. Yet, if you are not able to brush after every meal, drinking water (and rinsing it around in your mouth) is helpful to remove food particles and sticky substances. Even so, if given the opportunity, it’s wise to clean between teeth to ensure that plaque doesn’t adhere to the surfaces of teeth.

A commitment to regular orthodontic visits and good oral care at home will help patients dodge the following hygiene concerns when they have braces:

  • Gingivitis: as the preliminary stage of periodontal “gum” disease, Gingivitis typically doesn’t cause pain. Yet, individuals may notice bleeding when they brush or floss, as well as puffy, swollen gums. Gingivitis is caused when plaque has invaded gums around teeth and has settled there for too long. To combat red, swollen gums, patients may gently massage gum tissues when they brush (using a soft-bristled toothbrush!). In addition—be sure to floss diligently!
  • Periodontitis: when Gingivitis has not been treated, the build-up of plaque and bacteria leads to infection of the gum tissues. In some instances, gums may appear to pull away or recede from teeth. This becomes a serious oral health issue, as pockets are formed where more plaque can accumulate.
  • Decalcification: inconsistencies in brushing with braces might lead to decalcification, or small white spots around the braces. These marks are permanent, but patients can avoid them by brushing carefully twice a day.

William R. Kincer, D.M.D., P.C. places a high value on patient-centered care and personalized orthodontic treatment. At his West Cobb practice, patients are treated like family. This means that Dr. Kincer is uniquely invested in one’s treatment, as well as their oral and overall health. If you’re looking for a reputable orthodontist, or if you have braces and need help achieving your best oral health, call the office of Dr. William R. Kincer today!

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William R. Kincer, D.M.D., P.C.

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  • We are beyond thankful for Dr. Kincer and his team!! Dr. Kincer is one of the most honest and conservative Orthodontist, which is a VERY rare find in the industry. We moved to south Florida about halfway through our treatment of 18 months and did not switch orthodontists; that’s how much Dr. Kincer means to us! Our daughter’s smile is absolutely beautiful!!

    Lindsay D
  • Dr. Kincer is the BEST at what he does!!! Both of my girls have been under Dr. Kincer's care, with exceptional results. They both began treatment at age 8, because of their tiny mouths that required Phase I and Phase II treatments. As a result of his recommended treatment plan, our girls will have exceptional teeth for life. Our family is incredibly thankful for Dr. Kincer's meticulous care that resulted in BEAUTIFUL smiles!!!

    Jen B
  • Dr. Kincer is the best. I am almost a year into my treatment and i have nothing but great things to say. He is so kind and his team is amazing. They are simply amazing and truly care for what their customers need and what their teeth need. I highly recommend Doctor Kincer to anyone looking for orthodontics.

    Jennie H
  • Excellent orthodontist. Invisalign was the best money I ever spent on myself. Dr. Kincer is meticulous, thorough, has attention to detail, and fixed my flared teeth. Everyone is always complimenting my smile. He is always timely, professional, and his support staff (Jennifer and Lynn) are really caring. He is able to shave down teeth to make them aesthetically fit my smile and proportions. Dr. Kincer and Lynn really make sure their patients are comfortable-- especially when it comes down to removing attachments for invisalign and IPR, when your teeth are already sensitive. I recommended him to my brother and little cousin for orthodontic work and for their retainers :)

    Kimberly T
  • After having my braces off for 12 years. I go in today to see my little sister get her braces off, and Dr. Kincer readjusted my Old retainers to fit again!! He is a great orthodontist!

    Brittany B
  • Our family has been using Dr. Kincer for the past 10 years. Our oldest daughter has had amazing transformations with her treatment and our second is shaping up to do the same. Couldn't ask for a better, more friendly place.

    Shannon R
  • This is our fifth year and second kid with Dr. Kincer. Love him and his staff! Would recommend them to anyone!

    Jill T
  • Both my kids have beautiful, straight teeth because of Dr. Kincer's work. He takes great care to work with every aspect of getting braces.


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